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Werner Krawietz / Csaba Varga (Hrsg.)

On Different Legal Cultures, Premodern and Modern States, and the Transition to the Rule of Law in Western and Eastern Europe. 33. Band 2002 Heft 2-4

Berlin: Duncker & Humblot 2002 (Rechtstheorie, II. Sonderheft Ungarn); XXI, 531, VII S.; 96,- €; ISBN 3-428-10144-8
Dieses Sonderheft des juristischen Periodikums vereint sowohl vom Zugang als auch vom thematischen Fokus her stark divergierende Beiträge zweier Symposien zum Thema „Comparative Legal Cultures", die in Budapest stattgefunden haben. Aus dem Inhalt: I. Traditional References to Normative Meaning, Political and Cultural Identity, and Legal Diversity Mátyás Bódig: Legislation and the Limits of Law (141-150) Damiaan H. M. Meuwissen: Human Rights and Freedom (151-166) József Szabadfalvi: Transition and Tradition. Can Hungarian Traditions of Legal Philosophy Contribute to Legal Transition? (167-185) István H. Szilágyi: Let Us Invent Hungarian Legal Anthropology (187-196) Mark van Hoecke: Western and Non-Western Legal Cultures (197-217) II. Democracy and the Rise of Modern Law States (Rule of Law) - Normative Beliefs and Reality Constructions in Transition Albert Calsamiglia: Transition to Democracy: Spain 1975-1978 (221-241) Svetlana V. Polenina: Zur Frage der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in der heutigen Russischen Föderation (243-245) Nikolas H. M. Roos: Deficit of Democracy or Democratic Deficit? Transition to, in and from Democracy in Europe (247-281) Miklós Szabó: Transition into the Rule of Law. Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Construction (283-295) III. Normative Communication, Social Systems Approach to Law and Economics, and the Rule of Law Christopher P. Ball: The Intertwinement of Legal and Economic Systems in Transition (299-317) Werner Krawietz: Taking State, Associations and Associational Method Seriously - On Withering away of the Nation State and Beyond (319-330) Antal Visegrády: Rule of Law and Efficiency of the Legal System (331-340) Ágnes Zsidai: Minerva's Wingless Owl. Thoughts about the Transparency Investigation in Hungary and the Change of Function of the Historical Office (341-352) IV. On Recent Constitutionalism, Conflicting Conceptions of Legal Order and Societal Sources of Law Tamás Gyôrfi: The Constitutional Limits of Legislative Power (355-368) Ferenc Hörcher: The Question of the Limitation of the State by the Law. A Comparison of Kelsen´s and Hayek´s Approach (369-380) Pablo de Lora: Two Dogmas of Constitutionalism: Constitutional Rights and Judicial Review (381-395) Péter Szilágyi: The System of Sources of Law and the Rule of Law in the Flow of the Change of Regimes (397-410) V. Translation and Transformation of Rights. Legal Transplants and Transition in Advanced and Follower Societies Nikolaos G. Intzessiloglou: The DIAS Proposal: A Research Program Conceiving Law as an Open Social System (413-482) István H. Szilágyi / Sándor Loss: Opening Scissors. The Legal Status of the Gypsy Minority in Nowadays Hungary (483-494) Sebastián Urbina: Some Considerations about the Rule of Law (495-513) Csaba Varga: Legal Scholarship at the Threshold of a New Millennium (515-531)
Roland Lhotta (RL)
Prof. Dr., Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg.
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